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Inferno audiobook

"[T]his intensely detailed readers not only insight into the path of destruction wrought by the disease but also Liberia’s complicated history with America, its unique relationship with religion, and how it managed to tackle Ebola in the wake of a horrific civil war. That Hatch accomplishes all of this in an outstandingly well-written, page-turning memoir in which he focuses far more on the people he worked with and treated than on his own feelings is nothing short of a literary miracle. Inferno educates, illuminates, and rivets as Hatch rails against the political circumstances that allowed Ebola to flourish and aims his flinty pen at the U.S. media’s condescending determination to make a Liberian story more about Western saviors than African victims. This is a masterful work that deserves sharp notice—truly, a game changer that should share a shelf with the works of Philip Gourevitch and Adam Hochschild."--Booklist (starred review)

"[Hatch] breathtakingly narrates his 'battle of a lifetime' while retaining a steely-eyed focus on the human tragedy. From the first death Hatch witnesses to the first survival of a patient under his care...Hatch gives stunning witness to the devastating loss caused by Ebola...a clear-eyed, and courageous account of how compassionate medical care proves a formidable force against the ravages of Ebola."--Publisher's Weekly (starred review)

"Readers who are interested in global health, medical education, and biographies in general will be moved by this account for its humanity, honesty, and lucid writing.”--Library Journal (starred review)

"Hatch is a capable writer; his descriptions are fluid, and his voice is engaging...a useful addition to the popular literature about the Ebola outbreak."--Kirkus Reviews